Trip to Kyiv 📷 Photo Album 📷

Day 7
Sunday, Nov 24, 2019

I had intended today to be like yesterday, a day of rest. I went to Katyusha’s and had crepes. Surprisingly they were better with sour creme than jam. While there, I decided to go on a tour of the subway stations.

I do not have pictures of the subway because I’m not certain taking pictures there is permitted at this time. But you can get a idea from this site and the highlighted subway map in my album. I intended to go to Olimpiisky then turn around and head for Poshtova Ploscha.

Emerging from the subway brought me right to the funicular, a train that does nothing more than carry passengers up and down the hill. This means that I had could get another look at the churches on Volodymyrska Hill without wearing myself out climbing the hill.